(Commercial Free Zone Act, 1994)

Advantages of a Commercial Free Zone Status

  • Exemption of Duty on parts, supplies, goods, etc. entering a commercial free zone
  • Exemption of Duty on fuel, equipment, furniture and other materials for use by the business
  • No License required for imports/exports by a business in the CFZ
  • Use of foreign currencies without government taxes or charges
  • Exemption from income tax for 25 yrs.
  • Exemption from any new company tax that the government may impose in the first 10 yrs of the CFZ business
  • Dividends paid by a CFZ are exempted from above named taxes for first 25 yrs of operations
  • US Dollar Account can be opened (Request Requirements)

Requirements for a Commercial Free Zone Status

  • Have a Belize Local Corporation (Request Requirements)
  • Business must be in the areas of trade or investment such as manufacturing or financial services
  • Business must submit application to the Commercial Free Zone Management Agency (CFZMA)
  • Business must own or lease property within a Commercial Free Zone (See note below)
  • Business must not endanger the environment

Note: If you would like to purchase or lease land or building within a Commercial Free Zone, let us know and we will get information for you.

Time Period

  • Generally 90-120 days, this period depends on the documents given to us.


  • A Deposit of US $1,000.00 is required for us to review your project, which should include a preliminary business plan and financial statements. This fee also covers contacting the Government in order to receive a preliminary approval to proceed in submitting your application for license.

  • Our fees for the preparation, submission and follow up of your application is US $75.00 per hour plus out of pocket expenses, sales tax, including international and local courier services, telephone, transportation, etc.

  • Separate fees will apply for a Local Company, IBC, US Dollar Account and Real Estate Services.


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