- One Shareholder/Subscriber can incorporate
- Only one Director necessary
Bearer Shares allowed (but original is to be kept with Registered Agent; therefore you may
prefer Registered Shares)
- No audit requirements
- Exemption of taxes
- Protect privacy and estate
- Avoid Probate
- International Trade (except in Belize)
- Hold assets/ship ownership
- Investment and Tax Planning
- Open US Dollar and Stock Trading Account
- Set up International Credit & Debit Card

REQUIREMENTS OF IBC (See application form)

- Certificate of Incorporation
- Memorandum and Articles of Association (Standard)
- Registered Office and Agent
- Minimum capital US$50,000. with one class of shares at $1.00 each
- Notarized Color Copy of Passport, Name and Address with contact telephone numbers of all Directors, Officers, Shareholders and Beneficiaries (for Resident Agent only)
- Proposed Name of Company and two Alternatives ending with “Ltd.”, “Inc.” etc.
- Letter on Type of Business/Area of Activity/Sources of Funds
- Due Diligence Form


The cost of establishing a Belize IBC (in English only) is US$750.00. The cost for establishing the IBC in both English and Spanish is US $875.00. These fees include the Incorporation Fees, Registration Fees, Registered Office/Agent and maintenance fees up to the end of the first year including one electronic company seal. There is an additional fee for the cost of sending documents by courier. Couriers to the U.S. are $50. and $75. each to Europe. You can make payment by Wire Transfer. Please request wire details..

We have an inventory of Belize IBC with the prices ranging from US$1,150. to $2,000. each for years 2013-2006. We also have Shelf Companies from various other jurisdictions including Bahamas, Panama and Seychelles. These are available immediately. Please request list and prices.

Maintenance Fee of $300. is due at the beginning of each year which covers the cost for Registered Agent and Registered Office Services along with the Government License Fees for the Belize IBC.


IBC DOCUMENTATION you will receive
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
    Resolution of Directors
  • Registered Share Certificates or copy of Bearer Shares
    (Original Bearer Shares are to be held by the Resident Agent)
  • Electronic Company Rubber Seal (to remain with the Resident Agent)


  • cannot carry on business with residents of Belize (including Belize Companies)
  • cannot buy Real Estate in Belize (but can lend to Businesses in Belize)
  • cannot operate as a Bank, Insurance or Finance Company
  • cannot provide a registered office/ or serve as agent

We offer Companies from Panama, Seychelles and British Anguilla which can do business in Belize.

Optional fees for the following services:
US Cy.
* Nominee Director annually with Indemnification
* Specific Power of Attorney for each transaction
Corporate Secretary annually
Minutes annually
Share Certificates annually
Capital fees over 50,000.
Shares with no par value
Certificate of Incorporation (Spanish) 
Certificate of Good Standing (English or Spanish)
Certificate of Incumbency  
Continuation from Foreign Jurisdiction
Filing of Spanish Memorandum for existing IBC
Notarization of Document or Set of Documents
Apostile of Document or Set of Documents
Embossing Pocket Seals (to be delivered within 1 week)
Additional Company Rubber Seal
Courier Fees (US $50. to the U.S. and $75 to Europe)
Bookkeeping and Management Services (Request Requirements)

*Note: These services are only available at the anniversary date of the company. That is, after we have been doing business with you for at least one year. We prefer to get to know our clients. We want to meet with you, introduce you to the banks if required and review your activity.


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