International Services Ltd. (ISL) offers a full range of offshore services from countries in Central America, the Caribbean and other parts of the world. We incorporate IBCs in various jurisdictions, set up Offshore Bank Accounts and Stock Trading Accounts with prominent financial institutions.    To ease your tax burden and protect your assets, we also establish Belize Offshore Trusts and Panama Private Foundations.

For added privacy, you can request our Virtual Office Services to complement your offshore structure.  If the service you are seeking is not listed, we will gladly customize our services to fit your business or personal needs.

We adhere to the rules and regulations of the various laws that govern the offshore industry. We also maintain a strict policy of privacy and confidentiality to protect our client’s most sensitive information.  As leaders in the International Business Industry, we have a history of superior performance and integrity.

You can review the following information on offshore services and other investments in Belize.

  1. Requirements for Offshore Companies in:
  1. International Business Company Application Form {PDF}

  2. International Limited Liability Companies(LLCs) new

  3. International Limited Liability Companies(LLCs) Application Form {PDF} new
  4. Shelf IBC available in Belize

  5. Belize Offshore Bank Account Requirements

  6. Merchant License Requirement

  7. Credit Card Requirements with Belize Offshore Bank Account

  8. Belize Offshore Banking License Requirements

  9. Investment/Brokerage Account in Bermuda new

  10. Belize Trust Requirements

  11. Belize Trust Application Form {PDF}

  12. Panama Private Foundation Requirements

  13. Precious Metal Storage Account Requirements

  14. Virtual Telephone Services

  15. Virtual Telephone Services Application/Consent Form {PDF}

  16. Mail Forwarding Services Requirements

  17. Mail Forwarding Services Application/Consent Form {PDF}

  18. Virtual Office Services Requirement

  19. Virtual Office Services Agreement Form/Order details {PDF}



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