• If your property is located in a declared area, and you hold an old title such as a Deed of Conveyance, Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT), First Certificate of Title (FCT), Minister's Fiat Grant or Indenture, it is mandatory to apply for First Registration. You will receive a new Land Certificate for your property.
  • A major advantage is that the new system protects your title better than the old system.
  • A registered title is required to conduct any transaction on the property.


  • Original Title
  • Survey Plan
  • Updated property tax statement

We will need to verify a parcel number at the Mapping Section and conduct a title search at the Lands Department.


Abstract of Title (Title Search)
$ 500.00
Processing Fee
$ 350.00
Administrative fee including filing
fee and courier
$ 100.00
General Sales Tax (12.5%)
$ 118.75
$ 1,068.75

Additional Information:

  • If there is no survey plan or parcel number available, you will need to conduct a survey or internal mutation for an additional fee.
  • Also, if you cannot locate your original title, you will need to request a certified copy for an additional fee.
  • If you are not sure if your property falls under a declared area, send us your land documents and we will confirm whether it is declared or not.
  • An Abstract of Title is not required for TCT and FCT.
  • The process takes 2 – 3 months to complete.

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