• Complete Privacy and Confidentiality
  • Directors/Shareholders may be of any Nationality
  • No Exchange Regulations
  • International Trade (including Belize)
  • Commercial & Financial Activities
  • Marketing of Products and Services

USES OF HONG KONG COMPANIES                                       

  • Can do business with Residents & Companies of Belize and anywhere in the world
  • Can own or have shares in local corporations in Belize and anywhere in the world
  • Can buy Real Estate anywhere and in Belize        
  • Can do business in Belize
  • Can open US Dollar and Stock Trading Accounts and Fixed Deposits
  • Set up International Credit and Debit Card
  • Can hold assets and ship ownership

COMPANY DOCUMENTATION (you will receive)

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Resolution of Directors
  • Registered Share Certificates 
  • Share Register
  • Register of Directors and Officers
  • Corporate Rubber Seal (to remain with the Resident Agent)

REQUIREMENTS (See application form)

  • Proposed name of Company plus two alternatives ending with “Inc.”, “Corp.”, or “Ltd.”
  • One Director
  • Registered Shares Only. (No Bearer Shares)
  • Notarized Color Copy of Passport for all Directors, Officers and Shareholders
  • Name, Occupation, Business Address and Residential Address of Directors and Shareholders
  • Company Secretary must reside in Hong Kong
  • Completed Client General Information Form
  • Type of Business to be conducted


  • Minimum Share Capital of HK $10,000 (US $1,289) divided into 10,000 shares of HK $1.00 per share
  • Annual Return
  • Annual Profit Tax Return Filing may be requested
  • Annual Audited Accounts
  • Annual General Meeting within 18 months of incorporation and annually thereafter
  • Corporate Seal Design Impression


  • Processing of Hong Kong Companies ……………………………………………… US $3,900.00
    (Includes Incorporation & Registration Fees, Registered Office/Agent Fee
    Secretarial Fee and payment of Stamp Duty up to end of the year, Corporate
    Rubber Seal)
  • Annual Maintenance due at 1st Quarter of the following year ……… US $3,500.00
    (Included Registered Office/Agent Fee and Registration Fees,
    Profit Tax Return Filing, Government Fees)
  • An additional courier fee of US $75.00 is charged for Packages to North America and US $100.00 anywhere else.


  • These are available. Please request list with names and prices.


  • Hong Kong is located on the Southern tip of Guandong, province of China.
  • Hong Kong totals 1,000 sq km with a population of 6,898,686. 
  • The Official Language is Chinese and English
  • The Average Annual Temperature is 20°C
  • The Legal Tender is Hong Kong Dollar which is equal to US $0.12.
  • Worldwide banking facilities are available and their main industries are banking, professional services and shipping.

You can visit the following site for more information on Hong Kong: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hong Kong 




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