• Complete Privacy and Confidentiality
  • Full exemption of taxes
  • No Accounting/Audit requirements
  • Directors/Shareholders may be of any Nationality
  • No Exchange Regulations
  • International Trade (including Belize)
  • Commercial & Financial Activities
  • Marketing of Products and Services
  • International Leasing of vehicles, machinery, vessels


  • Can do business with Residents & Companies of Belize and anywhere in the world except Panama
  • Can own or have shares in local corporations in Belize and anywhere in the world except Panama
  • Can buy Real Estate anywhere and in Belize        
  • Can do business in Belize
  • Can open US Dollar and Stock Trading Accounts, Fixed Deposits, and Investment Plans
  • Set up International Credit and Debit Card
  • Can hold assets and ship ownership

REQUIREMENTS (See Application Form)

  • Proposed name of IBC, plus two alternatives ending with “Inc.”, “Corp.”, or “S.A.”
  • 3 Directors and 3 Officers, only one shareholder necessary (corporate entities or natural persons)
  • Bearer Shares allowed
  • Minimum capital US$10,000.00 divided into 100 shares with a par value of US $100.00 each

DUE DILIGENCE (for Resident Agent Only)

  • Notarized Copy of Passport for all Directors, Officers, Shareholders and Beneficiaries
  • Contact Information of all Directors, Officers, Shareholders and Beneficiaries


  • Cannot carry on business with persons resident in Panama
  • Cannot carry on business as insurance or a reinsurance company, insurance agent, insurance broker or insurance manager.
  • Cannot own or hold an interest, whether legal or beneficial, in real property situates in Panama

IBC DOCUMENTATION (you will receive)

  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Assignment of Subscription of Two Shares
  • Public Deed
  • Registered Share Certificates or Bearer Share
  • Share Register
  • Corporate Rubber Seal (to remain with the Resident Agent)
  • Register of Directors and Officers


  • Processing of Panama IBCs ……………………………………………
    (Includes Incorporation & Registration Fees, Registered Office/Agent Fee up to end of the year & Corporate Rubber Seal)
US $1,300.00
  • Courier Fees for Corporate Documents …………………………
    ($75.00 courier to the U.S., Central America & The Caribbean and $100.00 for Europe)
US $75.00 - 100.00
  • Annual Maintenance due at 1st Quarter of the following year (Included Registered Office/Agent Fee and Registration Fees)………………..
US $600.00


* Annual Nominee Director by Mossack & Fonseca   US $    600.00
Annual Corporate Secretary   US $    250.00
Minutes annually  US $    100.00
Share Certificates annually US $    100.00
Certificate of Good Standing   US $    250.00 
Continuation from Foreign Jurisdiction     US $ 1,500.00
Restoration Fee     US $    300.00
Apostile of Document or Set of Documents US $    250.00
Bookkeeping/Accounting and Management Services (Request Requirements)
We also have Shelf Companies available immediately (Request Shelf Company List)

*Note: These services are only available at the anniversary date of the company.  That is, after we have been doing business with you for at least one year. We prefer to get to know our clients.  We want to meet with you, introduce you to the banks if required and review your activity.


The Republic of Panama is located in is the southernmost country of Central America.  Panama is a transcontinental nation which connects North and South America.  It borders Costa Rica to the north-west, Colombia to the southeast, the Caribbean Sea to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the south.

It is an international business center and also a transit country.

The capital is, Panama City.  The total land area of the Territory is 77.08 square miles with a population of approximately 2,960,784.  Panama City is currently experiencing a real estate boom. Tourists and retirees are arriving in greater quantities and consequently helping the local real estate market.  The culture, customs, and language of the Panamanians are predominantly Caribbean and Spanish.

Panama's economy is service-based, heavily weighted toward banking, commerce, tourism, trading and industry due to its key geographic location. The handover of the canal and military installations by the United States has given rise to new construction projects.  You can visit the following site for more information on Panama:    





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