International Business Companies (IBC)

Shelf Companies

I.   Advantages
  • Immediate Possession of Company
  • Resolution of Director prepared in Your Name, the Name of a Company or a Nominee Director
  • Change of Name can be done within one day
  • Older Companies give the appearance of longevity
  • Can be owned by another IBC (we will require all IBC Documentation)
  • Can be owned by your Offshore Trust (we will require all Trust Documentation)
  • Immediately available Visa/MasterCard Credit Card, Debit and Prepaid Card, Brokerage/Stock Trading Account, or Commodities Account
  • * See IBC Requirements for more information including Due Diligence Form*

II.   Fees

  • Fees for Shelf Companies range from US $1,000.00 to US $1,850.00 for years 2006 – 2011. 
    The price depends on the year of incorporation of the desired company.

Optional Fees:

Change of Name                                       US $100.00
Annual Nominee Director with Indemnity        $500.00

III.  Names of Companies Available

  • Please request list with details of company such as date of incorporation and registration number.

We also have Shelf Companies from other jurisdictions.  Please request list with details. (See Application Form)

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